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Frequently asked questions:

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Q: “I did not receive a map. What should I do?”

A: Search for “ORNL Hunts” (https://oakridgereservationhunts.ornl.gov/) on your mobile device/computer for a printable version of the map. Be sure to print the additional “back of map” text along with your map and sign it at the bottom. No hunter will be allowed access without a valid permit and a signed copy of this map and text. To expedite the process of entering into a guarded checkpoint on the day of your hunt, please write your name and mobile phone number on your permit.


Q: “I would like to use my bow to hunt this year. Am I allowed to use my bow anywhere on the Oak Ridge Reservation?”

A: No, you cannot hunt archery everywhere on the ORWMA (Oak Ridge Wildlife Management Area). Whatever your issued permit says, that is the zone in which you must hunt. Archery zones (Zone 2) are indicated throughout the reservation on the hunt map, and those are the only areas in which you can hunt archery. Likewise, if you were chosen for shotgun/muzzleloader (Zone 1), those are the zones in which you must hunt. In other words, whatever your issued permit indicates are the zones you must hunt in on the ORWMA. However, you may hunt with archery in a shotgun/muzzleloader (Zone 1) if you choose and have a Zone 1 permit.


Q: “I am out of town on my designated scout day. May I come on a different scout day?”

A: No, each scout day is designated for its corresponding hunt weekend. You must have your permit and signed map on scout days.


Q: “Can I come any earlier than one hour before sunrise on my designated hunt day?”

A: You may not enter the ORWMA any earlier than one hour before legal sunrise.


Q: “The gate I want to drive through is closed. What should I do?”

A: All designated hunt areas and gates will be open for hunting. If a gate is closed, it is supposed to be closed and vehicle access is not allowed. Gates opened for driving access will be indicated by a black “+” and gates that allow foot access only are indicated with a white “+” on the hunt map. If you feel that you are at a closed gate in an area that is supposed to be open to hunting, note the gate number and call the check station at (865-576-2380) and we will check on the gate in question.


Q: “I saw a coyote while hunting. Can I shoot a coyote?”

A: Yes, you can harvest coyotes in whichever zone you are in. You must bring it to the TWRA ORWMA checking station to be scanned for radiological contamination. After that, you can take your harvested coyote with you or leave it with ORNL personnel for disposal at the checking station.


Q: “Do I need to wait to field dress my harvested deer before bringing it to the check station?”

A: No, you must field dress your deer prior to checking it in at the TWRA ORWMA checking station. A hand washing station and hand sanitizing solution are available for your use.


Q: “Can I bring my minor child with me on my hunt?”

A: It will depend on your preferred hunting location. You cannot take a minor through any guarded check point. You can, however, bring your minor along on your hunt outside the guard check points across the ORWMA. Guard check points are indicated on the hunt map. Please refer to the current season’s TWRA hunt guide for more information.


Q: “Where is the ORWMA deer check station?”

A: The address for the TWRA ORWMA deer check station is 912 Bethel Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830. The coordinates are (35.966747, -84.249963). No entry is allowed at the west entrance of ORNL. You must take an alternate route to get the checking station if you harvest your deer on the western portion of the ORWMA.


Q: “Could I check in my harvest on the TWRA mobile app?”

A: No, you must bring your harvested deer to the TWRA ORWMA deer check station to be checked in by TWRA and to be scanned for radiological contamination. Do not check in your harvested deer on your mobile app. We will check it in and give you a confirmation number.